She is black

She is black


“She is black and has no features”

“About her nature I can’t say more for sure”

“She may be good and nice girl”

“But real gem and black pearl”


Some of the comments irked me 

As the people were right and free too

They could speak anything against anybody

I had no reason to feel bad and cared to study 


I keep my eyes down and pray almighty

For granting the lovely color and beauty

I had no reason to worry about people

As it caused me no tension or trouble


You may find all kinds of flowers

Red, white, yellow and orange find more admirers

Yet black has its own distinct identity  

Real charm and to some extent special quality 


Any passers may definitely look at me for a while

As I used to walk elegantly with style

Keep head down and meet with no eyes

Even if they attempted more at me or tried


I have heard but exactly can’t say

Every object of nature has its own way

To come up with age and attract all

Appeal with attraction and respond to call


In a way I am thankful to my creator

That I have been gifted with color

So close to nature and almost liked

Even if so many might have disliked


What matters most are kind of feeling in you?

How good you are at words and stand true

I am of little shy nature but mix freely

I can never appear alone and feel sadly 


For whatever the reason I raise head high

Feel proud at what I am and earnestly try

To commit as far as possible with total trust

To me gender discrimination never appealed me most 

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