Races and colors

According to Hindu mythology
Dark color represents almighty
Lord Krishna himself was dark and blue
Millions today starve for glimpses of him to view
It is still a hard feeling in minds
We dislike the black color wherever we find
Express freely against it and tease
Let us not do it for God’s sake please
Color, cast and religion
Should never be our concern
Wherever we are and whatever we profess
Just bow head before him and confess
“O God, take me out from this world”
The moment you feel that I am untrue and turning cold
I shall forget not what is revealed in your teachings
Let not a single word go as missing”
Who are we on earth to paint anyone as evil?
It is his creation and no one has power or will
I shall cry at any kind of ill treatment
Curse my ills and openly resent
Person suffers due to his own act
No one has any right to offer comment or act
If bad weather or region is meant to suffer
Let come forward and gracefully offer
Almighty is ocean of mercy
He conveys it through regular frequency
We fail to grab the message
Only to witness dark history on page
Can’t we see with our own naked eyes?
Why nature is against us even if whole mankind try?
The wrath and nature’s fury is seen
Yet we are blind and not very much keen
O lord, give little sense to all those
Who are bent upon and deliberately choose
The way of annihilating particular race
Now they themselves will face worst kind of chase
Let us be tolerant to all races and colors
White is peace and black is tolerance
We need both in our day to day deal
We need to express solidarity and not to conceal 

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