Questions remain

Thousands of questions remain unanswered

Eyes try to see through world but solution never offered

It may go on till the life does exist on this beautiful earth

We may cease to exist still it may hunt on till the death


Life for woman in particular is of so much importance

They have been assigned with particular role hence

Whole world trains gun on this beautiful and delicate creature

Where as we all see in her a stable and bright future


What is she not doing for us in any role?

As mother she has enough of pain to tolerate and tell

As sister she has to keep lovely atmosphere with tradition

Unique chance to maintain bond and sacred relation


Did any one ever notice pain in her eyes?

Did any one even thought of it or tried?

Many might have sincerely tried to help and gone to rescue?

But generally she has been denied her role and dues


She may not open her mouth till the last

She has tolerance power to stand fast

I tried to know what exactly can be words

But failed to grasp as they have vision to look only forward


Now world at large has changed

Many of the unexplored areas are fully managed

Females are occupying important position and discharge function

Yet we fail to notice gradual change or level of reduction


We advocate limited role for ladies

As if they are custodian for somebody

Speak about them where it is unwanted

Only flaws are to be noticed and pointed


I may be one of those orthodox people

Even till date there still enough of trouble

Many unanswered questions till remain

They have no control over their own domain


Hopefully we may witness that bright day

When females may exert in every field with permanent say

As moon and starts are parts of sky and will stay

They may continue to move forward and have way 

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