Prajapati or prajapita

Prajapati or prajapita


Can potter ever slaughter?

His own work as creator

He is called father of mankind 

And go on making shapes of different kind


He is also known as clay maker

Another name given for him as “prajapita”* or creator

As almighty creates entire human race

You may find with him pots of different shapes


Not all the pots survive

As not all the children live

In this world and meet the fate

Some may come early and some may come late 


You will not find single person of same appearance

Even if found it will be one in million chance

You can never find identical nose and face

Where as there is limited scope to make it from base


How can we forget our own creator?

Who has given us everything as our real mentor?

If all his creations survive successfully

Then there won’t be any place left to love peacefully


Many pots break during process

Many break while finding access

Yet some of them come out to find the world

Remind us of power that has been lying in his fold 


Not only he is known for his creative work

But exclaimed for exemplary show pieces work

His hand moves without any measurement 

To be precise and near to precision instrument 


I love to praise his ability to shape

He has no thesis or roads on the map

It is purely human instinct to perfection

The art pieces speak of excellent action 


* Prajapati or prajapita…. The father of human race

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omanga l lawrence
- January 24 2018 at 10:55am

wao, wao, wao. this work is an inspiration to my carrier.
i love this pies, non like it.
thanks Williams.
am desperately in need of your mentor-ship..