Out from temple

Today Lord Krishna may come out from temple

From his place to visit his sister in a way very colorful

Pulled by disciples and with only one recitals

"Jai ranched" and express happiness on his arrivals


Lord Krishna along with brother and sister

Will leave temple in early morning to enter

Whole of area on the way and reach her home

So many crowds of citizens on the way to welcome


Chariot is pulled by large followers from centuries

People leave behind all hatred and worries

Distribute sweets to all irrespective cast and creed

We can see smile on their faces without any greed


Only once in a year lord prefers to venture out

Whole of city is geared to receive and garland on route

Rain god may shower as if to welcome with happiness

All disciples may shout with lots of joy on the face


“Rain must start or offer some drops” Legend says

Whole of population eagerly look toward sky

If no rain then it can forecast doom for the year

Some unpleasant scene to follow and heard by ears


Thousands of people may flock on the way

Chariot may be pulled slowly and carried away

Lord may return home in the evening at original place

Complete path could be seen with left over traces




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