Of Your Time

Fear paralyses me

As the tears pour down

And my heart breaks

Ever so slowly


The waiting is worst

Without answers or hints or

Even a look to go off of

If you were around I could read you


The weight on my chest

It's hard to breathe

The simplest song releases

The next wave of pain


Why can't we just

Live like in my dreams

The fairy-tales in my head

The happy couple, forever after


Me head pounds

Calls for a drink

Or a pill or a shot or

Anything to erase these thoughts


My hope waivers

But never dies

As I wait patiently and painfully

For you to remember me


I scribble lines

And pray for word

To a god I don't believe in

But what else can I do


Your intelligence

Your talent

Your beauty and love

Perfection I don't deserve


Yet that look in your eyes

On the rare occasion

When you look into mine

Is worth the wait for each stolen moment


You see I'm helpless

Hopeless at your feet

Begging for a scrap

Of your time, of your time

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