Not a poem, i had to vent. Sorry to explicit language. Don't take the time to read, just keep scrolling

Warning : Explicit language

You know what, fuck you!

Yeah i said it. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. You think your the only one that goes through problem. You think your the only one that suffered in that thing we fucking called friendship your wrong,. YOU HAVE SOME SERIOUS ISSUES! and i can't help you anymore. I literally all i did to help you. I was there for you when you needed someone the most, when you mom got cancer you stayed a week at my house, whenever you cry-ed i tried to cheer you up. You were my best friend. Ive known you for seven years. For seven roller coaster years and  you decided to end of friendship because i TOOK MY BEST GUY FRIEND TO PROM, THAT YOU HAD A LITTLE SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH ON. How much more elementary school can you get. GROW UP! You said i made you angry, its ridiculous how you can't even come up with answer as too why i made you so angry, honestly do you even listen to yourself when you speak????? Because it is pure fucking bullshit and non scence. I understand you have a condition, i get that. I tried to help you with everything that i could, you took me for granted. I also acknowledged that i might not have you put 1st all the time that's only because you wore me out soo much, being your friend took up soo much effort on my part, i was constantly asking if you were okay. God forbid a guy gave you attention you got hocked on the second he stared at you, when they broke your heart yeah i was here to console you and pick up the peaces, i was a damn good friend. I admit i have my faults and flaws no one is perfect. But you only choose to see those flaws and not acknowledged all the good things i did for you. Ohh and your best guy friend the one you miss soo muchh, HE USED YOU! and you still wish you guys talked? are you kidding me, he used you so fucking sexual pleasures, WHILE HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND!!! your fucking kidding me right now when you say you miss him more over me. LIKE NO FUCKING WAY ARE YOU SAYING THAT!!!!!!!! it just gets me sooo pissedd off of how things went down between up because the truth of the matter is i might be writing all this crap there is still somewhere deep inside me that still cares about you!! If i didn't i wouldn't check up on you daily!! You only lost a good friend and it makes me SOO UPSET to see that you can't even see what you lost. 

BUT IM FUCKING DONE. you wanted me out of your life. Now you had your wish. It makes me sad, but anger is higher than being sad at the moment. 

So i wish you have the best FUCKING time in college and go fucking party and be the person you have always wanted to be.  BUT WHEN YOU LIFE COMES CRASHING DOWN, i know it will and its fucked up for me to say but i know you and it will crash down. DONT YOU FUCKING DARE COME TO ME WITH ALL YOU CRAP! 

Your someone elese problem now! 



I'm just sooo fed up with trying to be the good person all the time. You don't deserve my friendship. You deserve crap friendships to realize who your true friends are, cuz let me tell you something sweety NO ONE, and i doo mean NO ONE. would ever have put up with shit i dealt with.  

One thing is for sure though, you "calling off our friendship" was probably the best thing you did. I went from living a stressed life always making sure you were alright to a no stress life. 


Go fuck youself bitch, have a nice fucking life. 

From your's truly


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