Natural flavor

You opened up like rose
Spread from all sides as you chose
I could sense your presence through nose
It smelt and spread because….

I wanted her along with natural flavor
As she was gifted with natural fervor
All qualities were with her nature
She was the one for which I was very much sure 

She teased me by saying “no relation with you”
For a second I was taken back and believed it true 
She had come so much close to me 
Now I was in position to explain it free

I asked if she was ready to align with 
She crushed her tongue in between the teeth 
I got wind of it and accepted her answer 
She was for it and acknowledged it as follower

It was not going from stated position
We were nice pair with good combination
Her beauty was like glittering gold with original shine
I felt my self very much lucky sailing in heaven 

“Aisha” is my real name and stand for promise
You have not at all made sudden surprise
I was in need of gentleman who could take me along
Certainly I am confident and feel never to go wrong 

For me relation is not for fun
I can’t make everybody sing and run
I am faithful and wish the same 
As man are not predictable worth the name 

“I am prepared to join you in few days time”
She was bold enough to admit it any time 
She needed my answer with firm commitment 
I did not hesitate and consented within a moment 

She may be relaxed now with my consent
She might have witnessed all the qualities present 
I was sure to sail in her boat for life journey 
Only needed one last blessings from the almighty

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