Met only once

I met her only once
That was by pure chance
Love was to at first sight 
I was quite puzzled but felt it right

She was supposed to be my woman
Exactly same as wanted by any man 
I went for it to join and celebrate
I had no control over joy to relate

“Will she say yes”? I searched for an answer 
I was not sure about it in any case
I knew from inner corner that she may consent 
Else may be the reason for whole life to repent 

I was told by elders many times even 
The pair is decided in heaven 
We are just here by chance
It takes place even in our absence

Whatever may be the case but I enjoyed
Her appearance gave me cause to be overjoyed
It was to be my fate at few steps away
There was bright chance and sun ray

I jumped on feet to receive the news
She was in for it and had known my views
Where was I to go now and openly express?
I looked at sky and thanked with bright shine on face

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