Making Love in the Rain


I wonder

Do you think of me?


I lie

So silently

Tears streaming down slow



Have I loved

As strongly as now


I always forget I'm better at hiding than I realise

I expect people to see right through me,

I'm terrified of what they'll think


I'm especially terrified of you.


You should be able to read me like a book

When you don't, I'm amazed

When I told you, you looked like I'd slapped you


My world

It has changed

I was in your arms



We melted

Lying in the rain


Your head

On my chest

Isn't a burden


I want you to wrap your arms around me

I want to feel your scruff on my cheek

I want to run my fingers through your hair


I want to make love in the rain.


You are the scariest thing that's happened

We should be lying next to each other

We should be sharing our art


Your song

My book and

My philosophy


We should

Leave this place

Find a safe venue


I would

Follow you

Privileged Presence

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