Hidden treasure

Why sea is so deep and beyond our reach?
Why everybody do not dive and catch?
The long treasured priceless items
Where as it is open for all and them 

If you take sea as vast holder of knowledge 
Certainly it has to be out maneuvered at its edge
You have to risk life and dive deep
There lies secret wealth under the belly and sleep

It is completely hidden in hard shells
So many wonders lye with them to tell
Not only about the origin but its vastness
How many secrets are buried there no one knows to see and face?

Same is with the knowledge and its secrets
You have to work hard and put in more efforts to get
Whole life may prove countless for attaining mastery 
That is how it has been set by almighty 

The efforts and labor never go in vain 
Nothing is achieved without hard work or pain 
It may test sweet if attained after great struggle
People say” life is useless if spent without any trouble”

Each individual has its own caliber and capacity
Not all are lucky to get whatever they want with best quality
No doubt, human being will never be satisfied 
But honesty and hard labor brings in joy and hopes are not bellied

Enjoy the fruit and pass it on to others
If it is knowledge then definitely share
If it is wealth of great importance 
Put it to human use at once

Wealth and fame come not by chance
It has long history of down fall and rise at once
If you successfully can ride on high waves
For anything else you may be in position to venture and dare 

I salute to those who gamble and reach the shore
Life is gamble and risk has to be taken therefore
Life may give you no charm if spent aimless
Let us come out of idleness and meaningfully chase

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