Can never fade

Can never fade

Love can never fade
As it is not business or trade
We are slaves of sentiments
Some to be shared with joy and some with grief moments

Human being has never been concerned
The table is always turned
Either it is man or woman
But ultimately a loss to human 

No one can judge actual reason
It varies from person to person
Some one calls it as betrayal 
And someone terms it as disloyal

One thing is sure and certain
Love is dedication and may always cause pain
One should not express it one sided
The severance should be taken as love divided

It results from apprehension and mistrust
It may be purely beauty blind show and lust
Real love may prefer to sacrifice for any reason
But never blame it for silly cause of a person 

To endure love is not only difficult 
But also a great sacrifice to bear insult 
Both have come such close to each other 
That it becomes unbearable to live without other 

Death has been described best ally of mankind 
It ends pain and agony and helps to wind
The death journey when it becomes unbearable
When person losses all faith and becomes incapable 

To end the life is an act of cowardice
Love doesn’t demand breach of promises
Yet it demands greater degree of appreciation
As everything hangs in balance and relation 

I would love to mention here out of context
Love is such holy thing to be kept at its best
No blame from either side should be aired 
It is great divine gift from the god and be admired

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