Calm water

I dropped stone in calm water

Something appeared from under water

All round waves coming out one by one

As if in hurry to rush and meet someone


I was mood less and this prompted me

To go in isolated place to feel little free

Away from noisy scene and near the nature

Everything seemed dangerous to me for sure


Why do all the troubles come in bundles?

Why people feel so jealous and create hurdles?

I had no answer for other people with their mentality

I was thinking fresh from its totality


Our mind is devil’s workshop

But good place too for building the hopes

It revives hope even if there is no possibility

Refills the energy with full hope to prove ability 


I found no answer straightway

Yet it gave me hope not to be carried away

There can be set backs in life for short duration

It may some times lead you to unnecessary frustration


I threw stone at little distance

But all the waves came back at once

It inspired me to think with close look

I could have possibly not got the clue from any book  


We have hardly any chance to solve it at first instant

We remain so much depressed and think of present

Tomorrow does strike in any form and give birth to uncertainty

Human weakness to commit an error in poor quality


What did it reveal to me in fact?

Everything depends on our own act

If we pass on the stage peacefully

I think litmus test can be passed off successfully

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