At late night

“Where are you going at late night?”

A friend asked to his son in dead light

“Just o see his condition and be right back”

“But don’t forget to take helmet when on bike”


“Alright papa, worry not as the place is near by”

“I shall remember your advice and certainly try”

Those were the last words heard when he sped away

I too left the friend as preferred not to stay 


Bad luck would have a day and he did not return

He had struck road divider and dashed to ground in turn

He lost life instantly and could not be informed 

All of suddenly the gloom had cast and family was stormed


Had he listened to the advice of father and put helmet?

Probably he could have not mate the ill fate

But alas! We are guided by Almighty’s wish

Life can be ended any time and finished


In our day to day life some times we remain unconcerned

Take no safety precaution and force family members to bother

They remain worried till you come back safely 

The same is repeated several times and adhered to lately 


Even though it is not in our hand but can certainly avoid

Death may take over anytime when it has severely laid  

We watch helplessly at the tragic demise of member

At that time we lament not to have obeyed the advice and remember


Let us not be that much dependant on hear say stories

But certainly it leads to some unexpected losses and worries

If we remain cautious then at least we may have some satisfaction

Else we may repent whole life not to have taken into account any indication 


Always think about life and death as inseparable part

Any living thing that is on earth has to depart

No one here is immortal and has few days, months to his credit

If you are lucky to find another day then love it and greet

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