It is good to be called rebel But cause must reflect or tell How many sons of soil killed? While standing guard and wrongly labeled Soldiers are fired from crowd People rejoice and speak loud Young ones sent to come back as terrorists How come one justifies such thesis? Soldiers are put to safeguard and protect They obey simple orders and act Freedom or liberation movement is welcome But routine bloodshed feature is not to become Popular sentiments are often expressed Protest march is also taken or surfaced The mad approach in killing security personnel! Believe me they are sick and also feeling unwell What happens when some one fires from demonstrators? The anarchy follows and there is disappearance of perpetrators There has to be retaliation in self defense What have they done as an offence? Many activist of human right make foul cry But shed nothing over demise of soldier or try No doubt any kind suppression is dark blot But break up of federal structure speaks a lot Palestinians suffered on count of rigidity The politics suffered and game played was so dirty How many die today on count of organized insurgency Where as there is need of medicines on the basis of emergency I would love to be first for freedom wagers But that has to be waged against occupiers Not that you smell foul in old merger It may weaken us more and not make stronger