butterflies are racing,
as the teachers words run out of my head,
when I am finally with her,
there is nothing in the world I dread,
my right hand is trembling,
I can not stay still,
only a matter of moments,
till my heart will be filled,
my heart races at the thought,
the thought of her in my arms,
excitement is building,
as I rush to her car,
she looks so beautiful,
even more than my dreams,
she jumps into my arms,
her smooth legs wrapped around me,
her lips are so soft,
there is nowhere else I would rather be,
her gorgeous blue eyes looking so deep,
so deeply into mine,
if the world would end now,
that would be just fine,
my baby is back,
her love is so healing,
these few days I'm in heaven,
there is no better feeling.