Write a poem of 4 to 9 lines containing the words "strange," "river," "spin," "ripe," "anxious."

Or, if you prefer, use the words "bright," "single," "edge," "connect," "distance."

Write a poem that is six to twelve lines long and contains only one sentence.

Write a poem that is six to sixteen lines long and contains no grammatically complete sentences.

If you want, you can punctuate fragments as complete sentences.

Make your final poem six to sixteen lines long. Consider dividing it into two or more stanzas.

e. e. cummings "r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r" could be an example, as could Chuck Guilford's "A Perfect Circle."

For this poem, begin with a freewrite. Freewriting means just what it says: writing freely, without regard to spelling, grammar, paragraphing, or whether it makes any sense. For ten minutes, just write freely, in prose, whatever enters your mind. Your blog would be a great place to do this.