Eid greetings- Mubarak A unique occasion For building a relation Rich and poor alike This fact must strike Self sacrifice is great Even if that comes late The intention behind is very important The example stands unique even at present It was Abraham’s great wisdom Total faith witnessed seldom Son’s life to the feet of almighty See the result there after with divine beauty So we salute and celebrate Quietly remember and relate The purpose behind and congratulate Sole motive is to hold faith along with human fate Let us spread real message of sacrifice Muslim brethren may agree with simple choice Let us stand for commitment to the cause Let each human feat must receive good applause Islam has preached peace and stability More thrust is laid on poor for charity Where else is there prayer for five times a day? You have responsibility to show the way I wish and follow each footstep That is aimed at bringing no slap Let us aim for lovely world with peace Where bloodshed is forbidden and life is at ease

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