I lost her words in emotion Such was sweet and memorable relation It existed since childhood Her smile was my happiness and food I felt something in my hair As if something was lifted through air Her fingers were moving with gentle pace She was silently watching my face Those were my early days When I had chosen carrier and gone away Preferred the services of motherland She was little upset but turned jovial at the end Why are you awake and restless? I found her touch so unique in any case It was giving me comfort in head She could happily read me on the face “I am proud of you dear son” You are the handsome and luckiest person “Why do you say all this today” now it was my turn “Are you alright, any way? Yes yes, it was all about you Being mother I have felt it through People are saying “you are brave” As mother I feel satisfaction that I did not have For the first time I felt something precious Why mothers are known as so gracious? They have always reason to feel elated Happy when some thing happens so much related I miss her today and shed tears She had to f ace so much hardship and bear I knew her heart well and felt so much grief I could hear her cry in night as I was no deaf She sat quietly near by and watched my face I was so dear to her and she smiled always Even after so many years of her death, I scream and weep I suddenly get up and watch her in midnight sleep

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