Magnifying life through color, so vibrant, clear, and true

Nothing will ever escape from “the other”, so worthy and so pure


Laughing at nothing too common, no predictability “galore”

Wrestling with the mundane person who no longer wants to be in store


A flashy, glossy being in me that falters not inside

Coming out so haphazardly and treasuring this ride


In awe of the mysterious, electrified by its hues

That override the serious and overbearing blues


Expressing deep contentment that surrounds my spirit's core

I walk and take it all in, my face is always lit by more


A twinkle in my eye is rare until I find a cure

For all of my inane despair at not having been truer


So I shall stroll through familiar terrain, all dressed in a sweet decree

With everlasting love of the game of always just being me


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