When the roaring storm comes
And the clouds are seen in dark uniforms
And rain falls in our haulm homes
The pain in my chest shall sail away
And the wicked sons of men                                           shall remain set in their ways

I am sick in the heart
I trusted and the thorn of trust pierced my heart
I made scorpion my friend
And scorpion bit me while I was asleep

I carved for hawk feathers
And hawk flew with my chicks
I turned candle just to erase their darkness
And outrightly I burned

Like a remotant rose
I bloomed for them more than once
But when I needed water I was left to dry

I gave them ribs tickling stories
Yet they never came to my page

Now I hide from the mighty torch of sunlight
For fear rules my kingdom and nothing seems right
Would I ever do away with this fever, this giddiness and the uproar and the tohubohu of trust
Whilst crawling at the feet of fear and sorrow
With no future for tomorrow?

This face I wear I didn't make it
The perfidy of men sewed it for me

If I never return to drink from your pot
Or never return to my previous self
Is because men played handy-dandy with my love and faith
And made me victim of thorn of trust.


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