laying alone in bed,
staring out at the rain,
thinking about you,
is driving me insane,
my mind can't stop wondering,
if you are doing the same,

are you as lonely as I am,
or do you have someone to hold,
how can I still love you,
after you treated me so cold,
I need to let you go,
that is what I am told,

my heart wont let you walk,
no matter how hard I try,
so much time has passed,
so why do I still cry,
your memory haunts me,
it seems it will til I die,

I am trying to forget you,
with all of my might,
but I still see your face,
in my dreams at night,
It almost seems hopeless,
like I'm in a losing fight,

So alone here I lie,
staring out at the rain,
avoiding falling asleep,
because my dreams only cause pain,
I need to forget you,
but in my heart you will always remain.

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