or maybe it is, so many love poems keep appearing in the blogs. Love poems are some of the hardest poems to write, or so claimed W. H. Auden. Here are a few classics that have inspired poets and lovers over the years:

A few suggestions: use concrete, specific images to show your feelings; avoid sing-song "roses are red" type rhyming; try to say something fresh and new that gives readers a new insight or even a laugh.


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Poem #4: Use These Words

Write a poem of 4 to 9 lines containing the words "strange," "river," "spin," "ripe," "anxious."

Or, if you prefer, use the words "bright," "single," "edge," "connect," "distance."

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Our best poems . . .

are authentic.

They come from a place inside of us that is real.  They are spoken in our own voices and touch on matters that genuinely concern us.

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Figures of Speech

Figurative language works by implication and often by indirection, which may account, in part, for the impression that poetry is hard to understand and needs to be interpreted, unlike a news article, where the language is literal and straightforward, the meaning self-evident.

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